OMG Bentonite Clay

July 10, 2017

I'll make this quick, but I am slowly falling deep, deeply in love with Bentonite Clay. I've recently started in on a serious DIY natural health and beauty kick, and one of my first huge successes has been a natural, detoxifying deodorant containing this magical substance.


Why make your own deodorant? Mmm, I dunno. For me, it's because I wanted to be able to pronounce... any of the ingredients? Also, being able to... count them? would be nice? I know those two things are a lot to ask for.


If 5 ingredients aren't reason enough - I don't know about you, but I am pretty much constantly planning for a zombie apocalypse (or... something of that sort) in the back of my mind. Once the grid shuts down and all of the Dove, Secret, and Degree deodorants are off the shelf or even just a distant memory, wouldn't it be an awesome secret weapon to know how to NOT smell like BO if the right five (5!!!) ingredients present themselves? (Sorry, but Mr. Burns, a post-electric play by Anne Washburn made a big impact on me... theatre geek, loud and proud!)


I digress. 


5 simple ingredients and this DIY masterpiece can be yours too! 

I will warn you though, mine did not come out to be like a 'normal' stick. It's more like a paste. And you do have to reapply here and there. Can you get past that? Cool, me too! Now go out and get yourself some ESSENTIAL OILS, COCONUT OIL, SHEA BUTTER, BEES WAX, and mofuggin' BENTONITE CLAY.


This is the recipe I used


It did not come out like in the pictures, but I am in no way disappointed. The melty paste may be due to my hot and muggy Florida locale. 


I bought the bentonite clay specifically for this recipe, but tonight I ALSO MADE A FACE MASK WITH IT! I love this stuff so much. 

This post does nicely to explain it's many benefits. (I also really like how this blogger is so honest about receiving a commission from her links. Please note: I receive no such commission, but would be happy to consider it in the future ;)

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